System Requirements
  • NERstar works with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Java must be installed on your computer, at least Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 7u51 version is required
  • Your computer must be connected to the Internet to run NERstar
  • License file must be in the same directory as the NERstar tool
Supported Formats
  • Subtitle file formats: *.trs, *.srt and *.stl (EBU TT) in UTF-8 code
  • Media file formats: MP3 (audio) and MP4 (video)
  • Drag and drop functionality to import subtitle and media files
  • Adapt start/end timecodes
  • Settings to define and show peaks: minimum and maximum duration; maximum delay; maximum speed
  • Automatic calculation of adapted values → improving legibility
  • Diff uses case sensitivity or not
  • Diff includes or ignores punctuation
  • Diff groups punctuation to previous word or not
  • Automatic highlighting of differences
  • Automatic calculation of duration, delay and speed for each subtitle as well as corresponding distributions
  • Automatic calculation of average delay, speed and text reduction
  • Automatic calculation of the NER formula for live subtitles produced by respeaking technique
  • Automatic calculation of the eNER formula for live or pre-recorded subtitles produced by automatic
    speech recognition engines (ASR)
  • Automatic detection of timing, speaker change and punctuation errors
  • Statistical data regarding edition vs. recognition errors, substitutions vs. deletions vs. insertions
  • Graphic display of the relation between speech rate of transcription, reading speed of subtitles,
    delay of subtitles and NER or eNER value on a time axis (cumulative & absolute values)
  • Link or unlink single words, group of words and/or subtitles to recombine them
  • Seek and scroll functionality to switch between editor, error report and corresponding media file
  • Hotkeys
  • Export to PDF including filtering/sorting function
  • All functions mentioned before are available even if the subtitle files do not contain any timecode
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