Elson Complex

Juan Martínez Pérez aka Elson Complex is Spanish fingerstyle guitarist based in Bern, Switzerland. His acoustic guitar instrumentals have been described as inspiring, intense, introspective, and relaxing at the same time. He has published around 40 guitar originals, and one cover version of legendary jazz standard "Take Five". Elson Complex has collaborated with Melany Thompson, Andy Salvanos, Edy Hafler, John Clark, Jürg Kindle, Mathew Joseph, Pablo Briceño, and Grammy Award winner Andrew York. End of May 2022, he reached 5 million all-time streams on Spotify, where he currently has more than 100.000 monthly listeners. In 2022, Elson Complex is releasing tracks every 2 or 3 weeks, including new tunes with Belgian multi-instrumentalist Marc Vliegen aka "Have a Cigar", with whom Elson Complex started new fusion project called "Art & Spencer".

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