A succinct shot
at normality and obscurity of soul.
The song delights
with ample finger style guitar play,
which delivers in its charm.

Almost terrifyingly beautiful
the artist manages to evoke
a fascinatingly dark place
with a sadness
that doesn't really resolve.
It's almost as if he is saying
"hey, sometimes that's life,
and you just hang on."
This one brought tears to my eyes!

A melancholy wander
in the arid countryside.
All lost times and far off vistas.
There’s acres of space
between the notes.
A missing
spaghetti Western soundtrack.
A sad delight.

The guitar is plucked and plangent.
Life and loneliness
all wrapped in one.
A little like Crosses by José González
this tugs on the heartstrings.

What a beatiful treat
with the acoustic guitar.
Such a peaceful and relaxing treat.
Loved it.

Everyone does Sunday differently.
Some of us want to be in silence.
Others go to church or party.
If you like to chill out,
VESTIGES by Elson Complex
may help you get there or stay there.

Totally mesmerizing!

It’s Spanish guitar
but VESTIGES has a structure
I’d more associate
with electronic music.
The repeated phrases act almost
like beats or percussion.
But with enough finger-style melody
to give it an extra layer
that lifts it up and up.

ln these fast paced, exhausting times,
sometimes we need music
that can allow us to change our pace.
VESTIGES is a great piece to do so,
even though it feels
like an evocative desperation
in simpler times.

BLEND has a sad wandering quality.
As if haunted by its own existence.

It is nylon string wonder
with just a touch of dissonance
that keeps you riveted
all the way through!

It is a 'minimalism' piece
that could easily have been written
by Daryl Shawn himself.
This one really works
with its repetitive,
enchanting rhtyhm.

Elson Complex's song I AM A ROBOT
recorded live at THE ZOO
feels like a burst of potent emotion.

You don't want to know
what I know about Elson.
And I destroyed all evidence.
Well, nearly all of it.