The LANGUAGES CD by Elson Complex has been released on 28 September 2018 on his own label "speedchill" and can be ordered as follows:

Courageous women and men put CHF/€/$ 10 (or more) in an envelope including prepaid and pre-addressed reply envelope and send it to:
speedchill, PO Box 233, 3084 Wabern, CH. After payment, the CD will be delivered.
Ultrashort photo series or super short videos, which fully document the act of putting money into an envelope and dropping it into a letterbox, are admitted as evidence for such risky financial transactions. Send photo and video material to: contact@speedchill.com. The most incredible examples will be shared on www.speedchill.com and used by Elson for tax purposes. "He fought the law and the law won."

Less daring will pay CHF/€/$ 12 (or more) to the following account:
speedchill, j. martínez pérez, 3007 Bern - IBAN: CH77 0900 0000 1509 5675 6 - BIC: POFICHBEXXX
Please indicate the desired shipping address below. After payment, CD will be sent.

PayPal users use the link paypal.me/elsoncomplex to pay for the CD directly. Please, do not forget to add desired shipping address in text field below.
Cost: CHF/€/$ 12 (or more). After payment, CD will be sent.

Also, women and men receive a paying slip by mail. Please specify the desired shipping address below in the text field. Costs CHF/€/$ 14 (or more).
After payment, CD will be sent.

On request, it is possible to receive the LANGUAGES CD hand- and / or paw-signed. Please indicate at the bottom of this page your desired option.
Note: Toni will not be harmed at all by the CD pawing.


Dealer requests are welcome. Please contact our sales partner oomoxx media, CD Produktion und DVD Produktion. Email: vertrieb@oomoxx.de


DIGITAL: The LANGUAGES album can be downloaded in digital form for $ 1 (or more) from the page elsoncomplex.bandcamp.com. For purchases via Bandcamp, 15% of selling price goes to Bandcamp, which does not rob Elson's sleep, because this website is cool. You can order CD LANGUAGES for $ 10 (or more) via elsoncomplex.bandcamp.com too, where it is possible to pay by credit card without having a PayPal account. After receiving your payment, the CD will be sent.

Of course, Toni and Elson are hanging around on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, etc., where tracks and album can also be downloaded digitally.


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